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During this Covid-19 pandemic, we are conscious our worldwide customers are ramping up production and we have been inundated with orders during this time. We are pleased to say we are open and trying to support all of our customers during this difficult time.

We would like this opportunity to wish you all the very best during this difficult time.

S&M COMPACT condensation Aerosol Generator
  • The Industry Standard just got better.
  • Precision Machined Heat-Exchanger & world's Only S&M Nebulizer© gives 50% more efficiency then any other generator!
  • GO GREEN-- CO2 Gas bottles and OIL last longer
  • Unique Nebuliser provides unrivalled STABLE upstream concentrations.
  • Custom Built Heavy-Duty case- Total Weight 7.5Kg!

NEW PH-4 DIGITAL Aerosol Photometer

  • On-Board Microprocessor- Fully Auto-Ranging
  • New ON-SCREEN MENU- worlds most simple to operate Photometer
  • NO more Zero or Span dials!
  • Metal Optical-Chamber with BLUE-LED- unparalled accuracy and stability with 20000hrs lifespan.
  • Total Weight 9.1kg!

S&M are proud to have secured the largest order of Aerosol Photometers & Aerosol Generators in UK History!!

After thorough testing of all types of machines, the MOD unanimously decided that equipment provided by S&M were far superior to anything on the market. S&M's unrivalled knowledge and expertise has allowed us to be chosen as the sole supplier.

Our entire workforce are proud to have been recognised as an industry leader by the Ministry Of Defence, and look forward to a long standing relationship, as with all of our customers.

  • We at S&M demand absolute perfection from all instruments sold, manufactured & calibratedby us.
  • That's why we are the ONLY firm in the world who:
    - Calibrate ALL known photometers from 100-0.0001ug/l over 22- points- far exceeding all known international standards.
    -Provide full Graphs & Detailed calibration certification, also with comparison to our calculated results.
    - Have been independently checked!
    - Provide worldwide technical support 24/7!
    - Provide On-Site Service & Calibration!
  • Tel: +44 (0) 208 429 1222
  • E-Mail:

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S&M SCIENTIFIC condensation Aerosol Generator
  • Internal Gas-Bottle and Regulator
  • Ideal for ultimate portability
  • Same efficiency & output as S&M COMPACT.
  • lightweight
S&M Positive Injection Pump
  • Large Blower supplied with adjustable Pipe-Fittings
  • Max Pressure 100mbar
  • Max Flow 73m³/hr
  • 13.1Kg

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Laskin Aerosol Generator AG-A1
  • Utilizes 4 Laskin Nozzles.
  • For use in 540 - 5,400 CFM
  • 7.5Kg
  • Operates on compressed air.
Laskin Aerosol Generator AG-E1
  • Completely Self-Contained (no external compressor needed)
  • For use in 540 - 5,400 CFM
  • 16.4 Kg
  • 2.27 - 3.40 Liters oil tank
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