S&M SCIENTIFIC condensation Aerosol Generator
S&M SCIENTIFIC condensation Aerosol Generator
  • The Industry Standard just got better!
  • >50% more efficiency then any other generator!
  • GO GREEN-- CO2 Gas bottles and OIL last longer!
  • Unique Nebuliser© provides unrivalled STABLE upstream concentrations
  • Custom Built Heavy-Duty case- Total Weight 7.5Kg!
  • Internal Gas-Bottle and Regulator
  • Ideal for ultimate portability
  • Both S&M COMPACT & SCIENTIFIC conform to ISO14644, BS 5295 etc. for testing of HEPA Filters
  • Military grade components
  • Used worldwide in Cleanrooms, Aerospace, Military, Asbestos industry.
  • S&M range produce sub-micron Aerosol to international standards, eg:
    • BS 5295
    • ISO 1822
    • ISO 14644-3
  • MMD and CMD <0.30um
  • NO FLUCTUATIONS in output -->Stable upstream Concentraions!
  • Precision machined Heat-Exchanger & S&M Nebulizer© - Lifetime Guarantee
  • 50% more Efficient then any other generator !
  • Microprocessor temp controller

Unique S&M Nebulizer©

Allows 50% increase in Efficiency over any other generator!

"The best through pride in research"

  • Production of sub-micron particles of <0.30um, as confirmed by analytical tests conducted at the Analytical Sciences Centre (PCB) at the Harwell
    Laboratories of the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA).
  • The Aerosol remain's suspended in the atmosphere for many hours. This provides the great advantage that there is virtually no contamination on surfaces with which the aerosol is in contact, unless the aerosol stream is directed on the surface at the close range where settlement can occur caused by particle impaction.
POWER: (Optional)
230 V, 50 Hz (110V, 50/60 HZ)
Fuel Capacity:
700ml (1000ml available soon)
Fuel Type:
Shell Ondina EL
Temperature Control:
20.27g/min@ only 60PSI!
Particle Size:
MMD & CMD <0.30um
Warm up time from cold:
Running Time (max Output):
Oil consumption (max output):
Testing Airflow Rate:


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S&M Positive Injection Pump
  • Large Blower supplied with adjustable Pipe-Fittings
  • Max Pressure 100mbar
  • Max Flow 73m³/hr
  • 13.1Kg
  • Hose Pipe 41mm I/D, 6m Length.(2 Ply Silicon/Viton coated Glass Fibres)!
  • The Highest quality smooth bore hydrophobic tubing!
  • The above graph shows clearly the gains our advanced research has achieved.
  • Maxs output of 20.27g/min @ 60PSI.
  • Limited to 60 PSI as output is sufficient for even the largest areas.
  • Use for 120-51'000m³/Hour.
  • Has fullfilled requirements for even the Aerospace industry, where we designed a system which connects to the aircraft power source.


Smooth Bore tubing with minimal friction is essential to minimize aerosol impaction, and thus flooding when dealing with Tubing.

Thus S&M do not condone the use of narrow tubing constrictors which squeeze the aerosol through narrow holes and serrated tubing, exponentially increasing the surface area of the tubing, thus leading to flooding of the tubes with oil, and vastly reducing the output. This also leads to contamination of the entire ducting system with pools of condensed oil.

S&M are on hand with our expert advice, as always.

  • The S&M COMPACT in this clip gave a STEADY upstream conc of 30ug/L. The Validator was "amazed" by the fact that the PH-4 showed a Up-Stream conc of 98-101%.
  • He found it impossible to test using another generator as it's output was fluctuating greatly, giving range's of 12-34ug/L, extremely unstable for HEPA testing.
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