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Diamond Scientific

It is my distinct pleasure to recommend the service of S&M Electronics Limited.
Mr Patel has been providing our company with an exemplary service since 1985
both as an employee of  Techmation and as a Director of S&M Electronics Limited.
He has always offered us an efficient service at a reasonable cost, and the turn around of serviced and repaired instrument has always been on time and to cost.

Approximately  3 years ago and  as a result of continued grow within our company our on site Validation team were asked to investigated the purchase of a new Linear Photometer available within the clean room validation market place. After careful consideration and on site testing of several well known makes of linear photometer we chose to purchase the TEC PH4 Linear Photometer supplied by S&M Electronics Limited.

Having used this instrument for a period of 2 years it has proven itself to be a very reliable unit .The TEC PH4 Linear Photometer is accurate, light, portable, user friendly and simple to operate .The purchase of this unit has proven to be a real asset to the Validation arm of our company.

Furthermore an in house investigation has enabled us to establish that the “drop out ratio” of the pump fitted to the PH4 far exceeded our expectations with loss of less than 5 ltrs/min, even when connected to an extended sampling pipe in circumstances where the limitation to the sample tubing exceeded those documented in BS EN ISO14644-3: 2005 and PD 6609:2007

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